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Welcome to the website of comedian Sumukh Torgalkar! I know that it’s difficult to Google my name, so congratulations on finding me!

BREAKING NEWS! All purchases (T-shirt or bookmark) made at the website shop will be donated in full to one of the charities of your choice below (please note your preference with purchase). I have a job outside of comedy so I do not care about taking a loss if the win can get us closer to ending social injustice and inequality in this country. And, hey, you get the comfort of the Torgalkars and my worry while you’re at it!

Black Lives Matter Cleveland (Cleveland, OH)

Columbus Freedom Fund (Columbus, OH)

Louisville Community Bail Fund (#JusticeforBreonnaTaylor)

Homeless Black Trans Women Fund (Atlanta, GA – do not forget the black trans community’s lives)

LGBT Books for Prisoners (Madison, WI – do not forget the rights of the incarcerated)