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Welcome to the website of comedian Sumukh Torgalkar! I know that it’s difficult to Google my name, so congratulations on finding me! Here you can check out videos of my stand-up comedy and YouTube sketches, listen to my album, support me by buying a comfortable Torgalkar’s Onion Sandwiches T-shirt, or connect with me to have me perform in your city! I’d love to hear from you!

Due to COVID-19 prevention, many of my upcoming live show dates have been rightfully cancelled or postponed. In the meantime, I am coming up with a variety of ways in which to both entertain and be supportive of those getting impacted the most by this unexpected turn of events in the world. You can always still watch my most recent comedy sketches at my YouTube page and subscribe there to stay up-to-date!

BREAKING NEWS! The 3rd edition of the Torgalkar’s Onion Sandwiches T-shirt is now available: BLUE! You can order one now at the website shop!